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Monthly Archives: December 2014

God in Us

As we settle into the new year the inevitability of new year’s resolutions looms over us. Personally, I like goals built around a birthday rather than a new year. Still, a new year forces us to consider a new personal era of a life lived for God. So as we consider the New Year,... Read More »

Eat. Fast. How does a Christian relate to food?

Self-orientation, in any form is spiritually devastating. The desire to orient all of life around myself is encouraged by a culture that tempts us to rip the governor off any pursuit of pleasure. In this way a good gift like food becomes a hedonist entitlement; my right to have m... Read More »

Reflections on December Graduation

Very fine people will walk across a stage today to receive diplomas from Southwestern Seminary. So much goodness here. Some students I knew from their first course in the seminary, some employees of mine, some doing fine doctoral work, and there’s even one cousin! Really, this ... Read More »

One Race

Recently I called two friends who pastor in NYC: one in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the other in the Bronx. My questions are about the spiritual climate in NYC in light of the non-indictment in the Eric Garner case. My phone call itself is telling. It assumes that I need... Read More »

The Invisibility of Progress

Most days we are not breaking the tape of a finish line, walking across the stage at graduation, or standing to receive ovations for a job well done. Generally those moments are the rare capstones of greater accomplishments: keep running and you can finish the race, persevere in ... Read More »