New treatment path for Ashley Smith

After two years of struggling with Ashley’s health, we hope we have been given a clear diagnosis of inflammatory immune disease which is a severe dysfunction of the immune system. We are now working with the top specialist who has prescribed 1.) Strict diet, 2.) Medication and supplement regiment and 3.) Daily IVs administered through a PICC line and, 4.) Six months of bed rest. The first week of February, Ashley and her mother Kay will travel to the Dayspring Cancer Clinic in Phoenix to have the PICC line installed and undergo the first round of treatments. Though she does not have cancer she will receive this treatment the doctor wants to attack this immune disease in a similar way.

Since her immune system is so weak, the doctor believes that if we do not overcome this difficult health hurdle now, Ashley’s future may be filled with sickness. Please pray for life change in the next six months for the Smith family. We have lived with intense crisis for three years and the next six months may be some of the hardest yet since she will need to spend potentially 3-4 hours a day with an IV.

Ash is the most social person I know so it’s hard to see her isolated. However, I’m trying to protect her from visitors or phone calls. I keep telling myself, if we can get her better this year, we will have her back. If she does not rest this year we jeopardize wasting all of this treatment.

Ashley’s parents are primary support with Kay acting as a full-time nanny (and now IV nurse) and both Ron and Kay helping out with the kids. While we have lots of needs, the best thing you can do is encourage our caregivers. Would you mind sending them a note of encouragement? This would be our greatest need right now. Thanks for considering it. You can send a note of encouragement to Ron and Kay Cherry at

We can’t thank you enough, dear friends, for your help and prayers!

Praying Isa. 58:6-10.



  • Pastor Luis G. Cantu says:

    we love you and we are praying for Ashley and God our father will perform a miracle according to His will, we have to pray believing and in His will. May God bless your home and your family and praying individually for the caregivers . for strength and protection and love and patience.

  • David L. Allen says:


    Sherri and I will walk this path with you, Ashley, Kay and Ron, through our prayers. We love your family. The Great Physician will see you through.

    David L. Allen

  • Robert Watkins says:

    I promise to pray for Ashley and the entire Smith Family this year. Our God loves her and so do we.

  • shirley calvert laughlin says:

    Loving and lifting all of you and especially parent/caretakers Kay and Ron

  • Stephen Brittain says:

    Hang in there. This is tough, but you will make it by God’s grace.

  • Denise Miller says:

    Praying God’s MIGHTY hand of healing on your wife, Ashley in JESUS’ POWERFUL name!
    Love & Prayers,
    Denise Miller

  • Jason Kees says:

    Dr. Smith,

    I had no idea your wife was sick. I will be in prayer for your family, brother. May God’s kindness be shown throughout this process.


  • Stephen,

    Kathy and I are praying with you! This verse ministered to me yesterday – “As for me, I said in my alarm, “I am cut off from before Your eyes”; Nevertheless You heard the voice of my supplications when I cried to You.” Psalm 31:22

    God bless you.


  • Nancy Caffey says:

    Praying God’s peace for all of you, healing for Ashley and strength for Kay and Ron. We are members of NRHBC and so appreciate Dr. Smith’s time with us.

  • Ben White says:

    I just want to say that there is no better way to Love someone than to care for them when they are sick. I encourage you to be a “Servant for the Lord” and know that you are loved by many people that you don’t even know or are acquainted with. I will covet to pray for you and your family during this time of need. Be Blessed by the Lord our Savior with a spirit of comfort and a sense of His presence in all that you do.

  • Joyce cobbs says:

    Steven and Ashley and parents. I will certainly lift you all up in prayer for healing and strength for you to caregive. I know how difficult it is to see a child suffer so my heart goes out to you. Love to all, Joyce conbs

  • Bob & Donna Gorham says:


    We are praying daily for Ashley and the entire Smith family.

    We are also praying for Ron and Kay as they minister to your family during this time. What a blessing they are to you!

    God bless and keep you securely in His loving arms as you go through this journey in the next six months.

  • Jeannie and I are continuing to hold you, Ash, the children an the Cherrys before God’s Throne of Grace. He is able! And we trust Him both for healing and for meeting every need during this critical moment in your pilgrimage.
    Uncle Tom and Aunt Jeannie

  • Ann Ellis (Grammy) says:

    Steven – I am Hayden Fox’s grandmother (Grammy) and Amanda Fox’s Mom..I have been praying for Ashley for almost a year. Sydney is very special to Hayden and if at anytime I can help, please let me know. Your sweet daughters are so very precious and Hayden loves them both. Your loving in-laws are such an example of what it means to love unconditionally. I am retired and available to pick up the children anytime. I pick up Hayden at PCA a few times a week. Years ago I was a Hospice nurse and would be glad to give Kay a break when needed. It will be a difficult year, but hopefully and prayerfully, this will be the answer you have been praying for during the last two years. Ashley, the girls, your adorable son, Ron and Kay will all be in my daily prayers…He is faithful…
    Prayers and hugs, ann

  • Erwin and Irene Tang and family says:

    Our hearts go out to you and will continue to lift up Ashley in our prayers for our Lord’s mercies and healing hands over her so she can live the abundant life we know He has in store for her. We love you and your family dearly and hope you will let us know if anything we can do for you, the family and her parents. In His love, Erwin, Irene, Christine & Carolyn Tang

  • Julie Thomas says:

    We live down the street from Ron and Kay Cherry and are good friends of the family. We will be praying for Ashley and your sweet family, especially during the next six months. I fully believe that God can use Ashley and her medical condition to help, touch or even save the spiritual life of someone, somewhere that hears her story or knows her personally. Remember, God is in control even when we don’t like the waters we must tread. God Bless you all.

  • Angie Davis Iles says:

    Praying for beautiful Ashley, and for the whole family. We love you all, Steven, and know that God is near. Biggest hugs.

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