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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Loving the Word: on the path to virtue

Virtue dresses us. The first great event in heaven, after all His children are present, is the marriage supper of the Lamb. The church is presented to Christ as His bride. In that moment we are wearing a designer dress composed from virtue. This is Rev. 19:7,8. It’s shocking. J... Read More »

Still Pursing Humility: on the path to virtue

  Toward the scorners He is scornful, but to the humble He gives favor. Proverbs 3:34   Humility is the gateway to all the other virtues. Clearly we would not seek virtues if we were not humble enough to know we need them. Perhaps it’s the most important virtue. But w... Read More »

Pursuing Humility: on the path of virtue

  Here’s the deal with humility: we’re not going anywhere spiritually without it. It’s indispensable. Humility does not frame your virtue it is the foundation of all the other virtues. If you are really proud of your spiritual life then you may not have one. Pride goes... Read More »