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Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayer? (Part 1)

Where is God When you are happy and turn to him with gratitude and praise, you will be—or so it feels—welcomed with open arms. But go to him when your need is desperate and what do you find? A door slammed in your face, and a sound of bolting and double bolting on the inside.... Read More »

The Colonization of the Call: An encouragement for those residing in their call

In a few moments students will fill MacGorman Chapel for the convocation of the fall semester. They represent many states, nations, churches and families. This is the sobering reality that makes me want to craft each word in class as an act of stewardship. These are students who ... Read More »

The End of Food

Here is the beginning and the (almost) end of a story: “My little daughter is at the point of death… “Little girl I say to you, arise.” (Mark 4:23,41) I love this story, because it is my story.  I was dead.  There was nothing I could do to reverse this.  Jesus said, ... Read More »

Good News about the Bad News

The Gospel is the message that the wrath of God toward sinners has been re-directed to Christ  on the cross, who will graciously forgive all sin for those who will come to him in faith and repentance.  This is good news.  Yet often when we talk about the good news, it is coupl... Read More »

Cheap Justice

Yesterday it was reported that convicted kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro committed suicide in his cell, and I’m not sure how to respond. Suicide normally evokes pity. He was, however, a convicted kidnapper and rapist. If there are more heinous crimes, it is hard to think of ... Read More »

Songs of Atonement

The recent discussion over the song “In Christ Alone” by Keith and Kristyn Getty has been ably considered from a theological perspective and from the view of recent Baptist history. This conversation brings to mind other wonderful songs on the atonement. The necessary disclai... Read More »

Killer Sex

Abortion is not about the woman’s right to choose, or the child’s right to life. These issues are very important. Civil rights and the right to life are critical, but they are in the vortex, not the eye, of the storm. Neither is abortion about legislature, health care provide... Read More »

The End of School

On my desk sits a small relief of Rodin’s “Thinker”. We know the famous statue—the nude kneeling on his left leg in the contemplative pose—as the symbol of modern thinking and philosophy. The little statue came from a small gift shop in Paris on Rue de Bellechasse, not ... Read More »

What Child is This?

What? The word of questioning came nigh, As heaven’s earthward lullaby, Threatened those in positions high, Who sought with fear of knowing. What Child? The infant moves involuntary; While shepherds watching sedentary, (From angel sightings momentary), Kept all their fears from... Read More »

How You can Vote Like a Christian and Then Go to Sleep: A plea for confidence and clarity

I voted today.  With a clear conscience I voted for the candidate that I thought would protect freedom, protect life, and uphold the ideals of our nation.  However, there was not one candidate that had as his platform to uphold the Gospel. In fact, one candidate denies the Gosp... Read More »