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Reflections on December Graduation

Very fine people will walk across a stage today to receive diplomas from Southwestern Seminary. So much goodness here. Some students I knew from their first course in the seminary, some employees of mine, some doing fine doctoral work, and there’s even one cousin! Really, this ... Read More »

Recapturing the Voice of God

This past week I had the opportunity to interact with colleagues at a gathering of the Evangelical Theological Society in San Diego, CA. I presented a paper entitled, “Recapturing the Voice of God: Sermons Shaped by Reanimation of the Genre of the Text,” where I argued simply... Read More »

Defined by Debt

“Seventy-five thousand dollars.” The words rolled easily off his tongue, landing on my desk with a thud. “My wife and I have $75,000 dollars in student loan debt.” This young man now realized that while the very call of God rested on his life, he was now defined by debt. ... Read More »

Why Thomas White is a Great Leader for Cedarville University

In a recent visit back to Fort Worth, Thomas White, President of Cedarville University, and I visited his favorite BBQ restaurant where I heard him, after placing his order, say, “Oh, and I’ll have fries for my vegetable.” He has a way of using his “redneck metanarrat... Read More »

The End of School

On my desk sits a small relief of Rodin’s “Thinker”. We know the famous statue—the nude kneeling on his left leg in the contemplative pose—as the symbol of modern thinking and philosophy. The little statue came from a small gift shop in Paris on Rue de Bellechasse, not ... Read More »