Killer Sex

Abortion is not about the woman’s right to choose, or the child’s right to life. These issues are very important. Civil rights and the right to life are critical, but they are in the vortex, not the eye, of the storm. Neither is abortion about legislature, health care providers, social justice for the poor, or reproductive services. The abortion debate is about our right to have sex without the consequence of a child.  That’s about it. The thinking Christian smells the thick irony that one function of sex is to create life, not destroy it. The design is simple and elegant: in the creation of intimacy and pleasure life is created. What gives life to a marriage creates a new human life. Creation comes from relationship.

Yet, what God intended to be a means of life has become a means of death. God gave us sex to create life. We use sex as a means to produce something that we kill. We are pro sex; God is pro sex and pro creation.

In a very real way, abortion is a picture of the genesis of sin. Everything that lives came from God. The sin came from us. God brings life, we bring death. The sexual revolution, with all of its unintended consequences, is a knock off of the original prototype of sin. God creates and we kill.

Perhaps this is why gay marriage is so sexy to the culture at large. It can’t produce life. Gay marriage is born without the ability to reproduce. It is not stricken with the complication of children, therefore gay marriage is now the archetype of what marriage should be – pleasure without the problems of children. While some married couples choose to abort, gay couples abort the possibility when they begin.

As the abortion debate roars, remember that there is an inextricable link between abortion that takes a life and so-called gay marriage that can never create a life. We kill to have sex while we celebrate the union of those who never can reproduce.

Know that this is all about sex. Killer sex. Nothing less.

The issues of politics and legislative order and human rights, while important, are latent distractions that keep us from considering how sick we are. They are the salve to a conscience that does not want to think about the babies. If we stopped the discussion long enough to think about it, we would have to come to grips with what it means to kill for sex.

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