Fall Courses 2016

The Fall semester at Southwestern begins today!  Very excited about this Fall for many reasons. For those interested, here is an update on what I am teaching semester. So grateful to have a full teaching schedule this. If you want to register there is still time. You can see the seminary catalogue, and search by course, here. You can register here.

Preaching the Genres of Scripture (Online) This course will be a survey of the nine major genres of Scripture and will require the student, among other assignments, to prepare an outline from each genre. This course will be co taught by my friend Dr. Robby Gallaty and will include the content from the great line up from the Summer Preaching Series at Longhollow Baptist in Nashville. This course will be fun.

Theology of Preaching This PhD Seminar is my favorite.  We will wrestle with the question, What about the nature and character of God influences our preaching? We will include the doctrine of revelation but move beyond. We will be reading some engaging literature. I am also requiring my students to mind map the theology of preaching. Very excited about that.

Jeremiah This will be a study on the book of Jeremiah from the English Bible. Jeremiah is a book of contrast. God is unleashing judgment, but like a desert rose some of the most hopeful verses in all the Bible come from Jeremiah and his song book, Lamentations.  Very much looking forward to this class.

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